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Travels Through Philadelphia


Welcome to the all new Our site provides a list of links to Travel, Businesses, Sports, Restaurants and Sight-Seeing and much more!. We also include the capability of making your airline, car rental, hotel /accommodations , rail, river cruise, vacation package and event reservations with us here online. Check out our newly updated maps page with interactive city links. Our Things to Do page can be very helpful when preparing to visit Philadelphia! If you have an event or holiday in mind please take time to peruse those pages. If you just feel like being chatty or have a question, then join us on our discussion board. Philadelphia is in the state's southeast corner on the Delaware River. It is Pennsylvania's biggest city.

As the most important city in colonial America, Philadelphia has a rich history. It was founded by William Penn, a Quaker who named the city after the ancient Greek word for brotherly love. Philadelphia is still known as the 'city of brotherly love'.

Philadelphia is closely linked to America's struggle for independence. The Declaration of Independence was signed in the city's state house, now the Independence Hall. Other significant events like the signing of the US Constitution and the creation of a national flag also took place in Philadelphia. Many buildings from this revolutionary period can be visited; most of are them clustered in the National Historic Park. Historic sites are what make Philadelphia so great. Independence Hall is the country's birthplace. Here you can see where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed. The Liberty Bell is nearby. From here, a short walk will take you to The Betsy Ross House. Betsy Ross made some early American Flags. Some think she made the very first one here in 1777.

The city also boasts a number of fine museums, including one of the largest in the country, the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Philadelphia has great museums. The Academy of Natural Sciences was founded in 1812. It is the country's oldest science museum. The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts is the oldest United States art museum, which was founded in 1805.

Atop City Hall stands the 37 foot tall statue of William Penn. Penn is the founder of much of Pennsylvania. William Penn lived north of Philadelphia, on his farm called Pennsbury Manor. Visitors can tour his reconstructed home and gardens today.

Some of Philadelphia is fairly new. The 945-foot tower at One Liberty Place was completed in 1987. It is the state's tallest building .Two Liberty, the shorter tower, was added in 1992. The shape of the spire is similar to that of the Chrysler Building. A Center City landmark where you can discover and explore specialty merchandise in 60 unique shops.

Valley Forge National Historical Park is west of Philadelphia. George Washington's 1777-78 winter headquarters still stands. His men's huts have been rebuilt.

Philadelphia is the home to the world's largest mint. Visitors can come to the Philadelphia Mint to see coins being made.

Philadelphia is home to five pro sports teams. The Eagles play football, the 76ers play basketball, the Flyers play hockey, the Phillies baseball team, and Philadelphia Union Major League Soccer. Many minor league teams play here also.

Philadelphia is home to the Nation's oldest public zoo. The Philadelphia Zoo is alive and thriving today. Easily accessible by car from the Schuylkill Expressway (I76), Exit 36, or the #76 SEPTA bus runs directly to the Zoo. The Zoo is only two miles from downtown Philadelphia.

South Philadelphia is a city all it's own. It is home to most of the Philadelphia sports teams, the Italian Market, a diverse ethnic melting pot, the Philadelphia International Airport and many historic sites.

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